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October 27, 2009
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Rubber Maid: The elastic crime fighting blonde protagonist. She's not a cop (like other stories) but she is secretly partners with Detective Sparks. She has not fully mastered her powers and can be quite clumsy at times. But perhaps her biggest weakness is her impulsiveness.

Detective Sparks: A rookie police investigator that specializes against organized crime. Unknown to the rest of the police force, whom view Rubber Maid as a vigilante, Sparks secretly helps the RM because he believes her intentions are good. He also secretly has a crush on her.

The Mad Scientist Guild

Dr Phineas Monomer – chemistry and physics

Bertram Brayn – psychic powers

Dr Albert 'Weather Warlock' Locke – weather control

Dr Otto Bott – cybernetics and nanotech

All of the streetlights in downtown Elazt City flickered erratically and then went out, and then the traffic signals were gone too. It was a blackout. Since it was the middle of the night, it was pitch black. An old white utility van silently cruised out behind a RadarHut electronics shop and parked.

The driver turned around and faced four of the world's most dangerous mad scientists; Dr Phineas Monomer - else in the van, smiling smugly.

"Ok, men. Breaking out of loony bin was the easy part. And thanks to Dr Bott's expertise we knocked out the electrical power of the city, creating a diversion. Everything has gone as planned so far. We can stay here for an hour at most. So lets get to work."

The other men grumbled in agreement and set off to work, snatching up soldering irons, arc welders, and so many other tools and supplies.

Rhonda Mord was driving home in her tiny sport compact car when all the lights winked out. She immediately slowed down and switched to the high beam headlights. Looking out the side window, she saw everything go dark. "What's going on?" she muttered to herself.

"Sparks to RM, over." crackled her earbud radio and startling Rhonda.

She rolled her eyes and answered. "Yeah?"

"You gotta get here quick. I'm at th--"

The van drove across town and stopped at the pier. The five of them piled out and went to the docks.

"Which one should we pick?" said Weather Warlock as he examined the fishing boat closest to him.

"Isn't it obvious?" sneered Monomer as he a gnarled old finger at the huge luxury yacht at the far end. "That one," he said confidently.

His colleagues gasped.

"No way!"

"We couldn't possibly generate enough lift for that. It must be 50 yards long."

"Trust me. It will work." reassured Monomer as he smiled a wicked smile. "All we need now is for a certain rubbery hero to arrive."

"Don't worry about that" said Brayn coldly, the veins in his head throbbed menacingly. He eyed the tracking device that he pinched from the cop.

"Good good," Monomer wrung his hands together. "Ok then, everyone get inside the boat cabin. Weather Warlock, make it a foggiest night this city has ever seen." The boat cast off from the pier, the light from the dock lampposts barely revealed where the yacht sat in the waters. He then strapped a pressurized tank to his back and hosed down the deck with sappy sticky green glop.

Rubber Maid had finally arrived. She had to run along the rooftops with outstretched legs because of the blackout because piggybacking on a truck, like she normally did, would've taken longer. She had received a tip from detective Sparks that Monomer had escaped from the insane asylum and was seen at the docks stealing a large yacht. When she ran out to the docks she saw the large silhouette of the yacht quietly moving out to see.

So she took a few steps back, stretched her legs out several feet and made a running leap for the boat, soaring in the air several meters. The Rubber Maid had barely made it as she landed on the boat's outer railing, where she perched herself.

But when she got up to move, her feet and hands were stuck to the railing. She struggled and fought against the glue but every time she managed to pull her hands or feet away, the rubbery strands of glue would pull harder and she'd get even more stuck.

"What is this stuff?" she hissed to herself under her breath.

"It's an invention of mine," said a familiar face. "I call it Super Stick. Its an adhesive that permanently sticks to anything it touches. Do you like it?"

The elderly man stepped out from the shadows, wearing his non-stick boots. Monomer shrugs, "I'm really amazed at how easily you fall for these traps." He fetches a aerosol can from his coat pocket and sprays down the deck of the boat with his special solvent and the leftover Super Stick goop evaporated.

Dr Bott's robots skittered along the hull, moving towards the stuck superheroine. Sparks flew as they cut at the steel rail that RM was stuck to and she fell forward onto the deck. Four androids came out from inside the boat and each grabbed a hand or leg and pulled at her, stretching out her body flat like a blanket.

Monomer brushed the Super Stick onto her hands and feet. "Ok, ready" he said, giving Bott the thumbs up. Bott nods and punches in a few commands on his electronic armband.

"Ready? Ready for what!? What are you up to, Monomer? Release me now!"

Monomer ignored her questions and demands.

The androids move off in separate directions, pulling out Rubber Maid over the top of the boat like she was a tarp. Her skin squeaks like stretching rubber as she's pulled out as easily as taffy. Then they stuck her hands on both side of the boat's bow and her feet at the aft. She struggled desperately against the machines but they were too strong and they had her at disadvantage.

"Okay," Bert Brayn exited the bridge, wearing a captain's hat on top of his throbbing psychic head. "The course has been laid in and we're now moving at top speed. But it won't matter as soon as we're airborne. After that it'll Bott's job to convert the ships engine room into thrusters."

"Airborne? This is a ship not an airplane, stupid."

Monomer's knuckles rapped against the helium tanks that the androids had just hauled out. "Not airplane. Airship." the mad scientist corrected. "And we've just acquired our balloon."

It was then that Rubber Maid fully understood. She had been lured out into a trap to help these crazy men escape the country. But when she opened her mouth to protest, Monomer shoves a gas valve into Rubber Maid's mouth. It was covered in glue and stuck fast.

An android connected the tubing from the helium tanks to Rubber Maid's valve and releases the valve. The gasses hiss as they escape from the pressurized tanks and into the rubbery captive.

"My colleagues think that you'll pop before we generate enough lift for this bucket. And they'd be right if I used just helium. But I've added some element zero to the gas mixture to give it an extra kick."

Rhonda's outstretched body puffs out all over. Her skin gains the glossy sheen of rubber as it stretches out.

"But don't worry Rubber Maid. Your not going to pop. I won't let that happen." He peels off the paper on adhesive patch and slaps it onto Rhonda's tit, a tiny electronic light blinked. "That electrode patch will monitor the tension/stress levels."

There was an odd silence, only the calm water lapping against the boat could be heard.

"From the moment I saw you in the newspapers," he began. "I've been curious about you. After a little investigation I discovered that your body was made of an extremely rare material known as Polymer X. Polymer X was discovered 30 years ago by your father. Its origins are thought to be non-terrestrial, containing many unidentified elements. Only two samples ever existed and I owned one of them."

Rubber Maid rolled her eyes. 'Ugh', she thought to herself, 'This is why I hate mad scientists. They're criminals that like to banter on about their scifi mumbo jumbo like university professors in a lecture hall.' She was incredibly terrified at the prospect of popping like a balloon and, also at the same time, incredibly bored by Monomer's lecture (reminding her of how boring high school science class was).

Monomer snaps his fingers. "Hey!! Are you listening? Well listen to this, missy. I know your elastic limit."

Rubber Maid blinked, perplexed.

"Its the point where you are stretched beyond the limit where you can return to normal. I'm going to fill you out so big that you'll be forever trapped in a useless body." He broke out into a fit of maniacal evil scientist cackling but it was interrupted by a fit of coughing.

Rubber Maid's body continued to inflate, bloating out into a vague sausage shape wish feminine features. She was helpless to do anything about it. Fortunately, she had a miniaturized tracking beacon concealed in her striped belt. She had entrusted the tracking device to detective Sparks. But where was he?

Sparks woke up, his bleary eyes struggled to focus.

"Huh?" He saw that he was behind the wheel of his patrol car. Did he faint? What happened? The last thing he remembered doing was driving slowly through the congested traffic (because of the blackout) and then seeing an old white van screech to a halt right in the center of his patrol car. A man with a really big head hopped out and looked right at him. Then he blacked out.

"Crap! Its gotta be a supervillain. I better get Rubber Maid." He searched for Rubber Maid's tracker/communicator but it was missing. "Damn!!" he slams his fists against the steering wheel. "She must be in trouble. I've gotta do something."

Rubber Maid's abused body groaned from the immense strain. She had been captured by a gang of mad scientists and her body inflated full of helium bigger than a blimp. In fact thats what she was now... a blimp. But she was almost as big as a football stadium, dwarfing even the sizable yacht strapped to her belly.

Even though she was enormous, nobody would be able to see her. The Rubber Maid blimp was hidden inside a thick gray cloud.

She could barely cope the pain and focused her thoughts on the hope of rescue; Sparks wouldn't let her down. But even if she was rescued; how could she recover?

Then suddenly her earbud radio crackled. Rhonda's heart thumped with excitement.

"Enjoying yourself Rubber Maid?" It was Monomer. "I hope you are because this is going to be a long ride. You're taking us to the Exploding Archipeligo, a volcanic chain of islands at the far end of the Pacitlantic ocean."

She then felt that sinking feeling in her stomach. There'd be no escape or rescue and who knows what else would happen to her next.

The End?
A gang of mad scientists escape the looney bin and country with RM's help

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SB1962 Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2013
Quite original and shows talent-but just one question-if Rubber Maid is regarded as a "vigilante"( as both Spider-Man and the Punisher are at Marvel and Batman was at DC- although only the Punisher kills), then why doesn't she wear a mask( although the Punisher doesn't) so that the cops can't find her?

SB1962 Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2013
Oh like Clark Kent!
havent-slept Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Her civilian persona wears glasses
SB1962 Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2013
Yes, but what about fingerprints or DNA?
D-MENCIA Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
hey! Why you never finished this story? :(
havent-slept Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
i dunno, maybe i lost momentum. I dunno where to take the story next
w4wy4w Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2010
havent-slept Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Serith Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2009
Just to be sure, are you doing a part two? Cause I'm a'rootin for rubbermaid. And I think detective sparks'll get a big role in saving miss maid.
Aang11 Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
Uh, there seems to be a few holes in the evil plan...if you don't mind me pointing them out. Yes, I realize this is fiction based in reality (as is most super-hero stories) but at this point, you have a blackout in a large city, and going to have an airship...won't it show up on radar? At that point the military would get involved. Although seeing rubber maid floating next to a squadron of F-16 interceptors would be awesome...
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